Van Phu Victoria Ha Dong Apartment is a high class apartment in Ha Dong district with cheap price compared to quality. Modern building with many facilities and common spaces to ensure living environment for residents

The Van Phu Victoria apartment building was started in 2010 and handed over in mid-August 2014. So far it has been put into operation and operating stably. Full facilities from swimming pool, Gym, Yoga, Kindergarten, Auchan Victoria supermarket opened on 11/04/2017 ...

Van Phu Victoria Ha Dong apartment since the hand-over 8-2014 so far is always a lot of people want to buy houses interested because the price is quite cheap now only from 17 million / m2 with many from small to Big is the ideal place for Hanoi residents.

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Picture of the apartment Van Phu Victoria Ha Dong

The lobby adjacent to Van Phu Road. This front Auchan supermarket has hired

Basic information Van Phu Victoria Ha Dong

Investor: Van Phu Investment Investment Joint Stock Company
Design Concept: Nihon Sekkei Group of Japan
Structural Consultants: WSP Group (UK)
Consultant supervision: CONINCO Joint Stock Company
Being a bright spot in the design of apartments in Ha Dong, the project has gained a lot of attention of Ha Dong people with criteria of luxury apartment with low price.

Van Phu Victoria tower with 39 floors and 02 basements built on the land area of ​​15,000 m2. Include 3 blocks V1, V2, V3

Location Van Phu Victoria

Location map of Van Phu Apartment Victoria Ha Dong:

Van Phu Victoria Ha Dong Apartment is located in the center of Van Phu urban area, Ha Dong district, Hanoi.

With a favorable location located in the Van Phu urban area where is built and developed to the urban style of the same as the Dam, Van Quan is the brightest place to live in Ha Dong District.

The location of Van Phu Victoria Ha Dong Apartment is as follows:

Metro supermarket Ha Dong 500m,
The administrative center of the district 400 m, 1 km from Ha Dong market, 103 km from hospital 103 km, adjacent to sports park 100 ha Ha Dong.
From Van Phu Apartment building, Victoria Ha Dong can connect many important traffic routes such as Le Trong Tan, To Huu, Quang Trung - Highway 6, Lang Hoa Lac Expressway, Cat Linh - Ha East is also expected to be put into use (expected end 2017 beginning 2018)

>> Adjacent to the city of Van Phu

Living and studying facilities of Van Phu Victoria Apartment Ha Dong

Within 1.5 km there are many top quality schools in Ha Dong such as Le Loi primary and secondary school, Le Loi high school, Le Hong Phong primary school and Van Phu secondary school. Hue

Pictures of Nguyen Hue High School

Le Loi Primary School

Apartment design Van Phu Victoria

Van Phu Vicoria Apartment in Ha Dong is distributed from the 6th to 39th floor including 2 typical types:

The ground floor from floor 6 to floor 33 has 12 apartments including the area of ​​96 m2, 116 m2, 120 m2, 131 m2, 135 m2.

Floor 36 - 39 has 20 apartments including 7 types of apartment area including 56.13 m2; 59,73 m2; 65.51 m2; 66,67 m2; 69,91 m2; 76.16 m2; 85,93 m2.

Contact Hotline for advice on selling price and apartment rental Victoria Van Phu Ha Dong: 0906.205.887 - 0914.328.638

>> Apartment design Van Phu Victoria Ha Dong

Van Phu Apartment Victoria

Van Phu Victoria Apartment is the center of Van Phu urban area, inherited the technical infrastructure of the first class urban area, the social infrastructure has been put into use.

Commercial center is located at the base of the building
The elevator system consists of 19 lifts for the apartment, 7 months for the machine and 6 escalators for the commercial and office areas.
Fire protection system: Van Phu Victoria building uses the most advanced fire protection equipment and materials. The intelligent warning system automatically reports to the treatment center at each level of danger
Clean water source: according to the grade 1 standard of Ha Dong water plant
Parking: Located in two basements designed to meet the basic needs of residents, in addition to urban areas have concentrated car parks and nearby car parking spots.
Security system: located on the first floor 24/24 monitoring through multi camera system. Automated security warnings and instructions as soon as a problem occurs
High-rise swimming pool, food court, GYM training area, community living area has been put into use, stable operation to meet the needs of leisure and relaxation of residents.
Auchan supermarket opened on April 11, 2017 just under V3 apartment of Van Phu Victoria Ha Dong
Buy Van Phu apartment Victoria Consulting via Hotline: 0906.205.887 - 0914.328.638

Picture of real life of residents of Van Phu apartment building Victoria Ha Dong

At present, 80% of households come to stay or will be households that are united, happy and civilized.

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