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Established and developed in 2003 with the precursor of the Hanoi branch of Quang Ninh Construction and Trading House Company, Van Phu Invest has so far become a brand name. It has many big projects in the field of investment consultancy, business, construction and real estate development.
With the orientation of "Cooperation - Development - Sustainability", the success of the Van Phu - Invest Investment Joint Stock Company is evident through the results of activities: design, With the total investment of up to tens of thousands of billions of VND, implementing many important projects such as Van Phu New Urban Area, The Van Phu Victoria, Home City, Hung Son Villa , Giang Vo Complex, etc. The company has received many big and small awards from the Ministries and branches of Hanoi, including the BCI ASIA TOP 10 for 10 developers. Top Real Estate Companies in Asia (2011), BCI Asia Awards 2015 - Award for 10 Real Estate Developers In Vietnam, not only development of business promotion, bringing many benefits to the society, Van Phu - Invest also pay special attention to implementing many social activities to support the community. copper. After more than a decade dedicated to satisfying and bringing the green utilities, good value for the lives of customers, Van Phu - Invest has 10 member units, managers and employees always emphasize the company development along with the development of society, committed to deploy the project based on the views of customers and customers. We will continue to pursue the mission and directions set out, promote the traditions and strength inherent to further enhance the company position in the real estate sector.

Xây dựng công trình kỹ thuật dân dụng khác Chi tiết: - Xây dựng kỹ thuật hạ tầng đô thị, khu công nghiệp, khu dân cư; - San lấp mặt bằng hạ tầng kỹ thuật, khu đô thị, công trình công cộng, khu công nghiệp và tiểu thủ công nghiệp; - Thi công các công trình điện hạ áp dưới 35KV; - Thi công xây lắp các công trình dân dụng, công nghiệp, giao thông, thuỷ lợi, trang trí nội, ngoại thất;
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